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Jose Vasquez

Jose Vasquez not only knows alot about the human heart through his professional experience as a Telemetry Tschnician, he uses the heart as an inspiration for rythmic designs in his art. See the rythms of the hear in magnificent variations of color, line, and texture in Jose's "Cardio Art" collection.





Gadi Zamir

Gadi Zamir's collection, burned art on recycled wood, illustrates topics such as war, hunger, the economy, domestic violence, empowerment, and many other human conditions in a way that impacts and perhaps, shocks the observer. Gadi's goal is to emphasize that in the midst of endless wars, trusted economies, and other misforunes, there is a wold of beauty and hope to explore. Negative Space Gallery is a non-profit organization in 2012.

Black & White Cafe

A comfortable gathering place for artists, poets, writers, thinkers, readers, and coffee drinkers. A place for sharing sounds, ideas and visions over coffee, tea, and tasty treats.

Negative Gallery and Studio

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Gary Bixler

Gary is an experienced artist of Cleveland Ohio. His skill encompass a broad range of mediums allowing for the creation of unique and interesting pieces.

Gary has spent years working as a professional framer, which has presented the opportunity for complete cohesion in his work. Gary has found his interest in art at a young age. From drawing and painting to sculpting, he honed his skills, always pushing for new boundaries, striving to create pieces no one had seen before.

He is constantly expanding his skill set and broadening his artistic horizons. Currently pieces of his work can be viewed in the second floor studio of the Asian Town Center Art Gallery.





Art Berg

As a child, as soon as Artur was able to hold a crayon in his fingers, it was evident that this little boy possessed tremendous artiistic abilities. Every scrap of paper he could get his hands on was covered with sketches and drawings. At the age of 5 he won a prize in a drawing contest in Krakow where he was born. From that time on, every contest he entered, he received prizes and honors for his work.

Artur'successes are also due in large part to the huge amount of time and effort he has committed to perfecting his skills in order to realize his expression. In June 2003, he graduated from Virginia Marti College of Art and Design in Lakewood with honors. We can enjoy his many works by attending gallery shows where he periodically exhibits works done in the various meida he enjoys working in acrylics, water colors and ink.


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