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Here is a list of some of our testimonials to Jose Vasquez (JoseV),

creator of Cardioart.


Jose Vasquez

Jose Vasquez has taken his passion for his job and turned it into an art form. As a cardio monitoring technician in the Central Monitoring Unit, Vasquez monitors the heart rhythms of cardiac patients and watches for any abnormal rhythms, and this became the inspiration for his drawings and painting. Although he began drawings at a young age, Vasquez "lost track" of it as he grew older and started working. That is, until inspiration returned while he was monitoring a patient who went into a deadly rhythm. "The patient was going though so many deadly arrhythmias, and I had never seen anything like that in all the years I had been a technicain," he says. "So I started thinking about what could be going through his mind at that time, as he was fighting for his life, and as doctors were trying to save him." Soon after, Vasquez drew a heart, surrounded by  faces and heads, each of which represented one of the arrhythmias. He considers the work, names"Slow Death," his signature drawing.

Good Luck Jose

Good Luck Jose. It looks good. It's an honor to work with you and to get to see your work firsthand. You were given a great gift and I am Glad to see you use it.

~ Theresa Sherman

Cleveland OH

Way to go Jose!

Congratulations! I am glad to see a Latino featured as a key asset of our institutuion. I wanted to let you know that our Office of Diversity has implemented an employee resource group for Hispanics/Latinos. The name of our group is SALUD. 

Andres Gonzalez

Cleveland OH

Jose, Very Creative

Jose, it is certainly a pleasure to work with you. You are a very intelligent and creative person. You had a vision and I am so glad to see its first manifastations. I am so excited for you and proud of you. It is inspirational to watch you come into your purpose. Continue to dream and create. May many blessings and prosperity and health be yours.



~ Jimita Strong


Your art is Awsome!

IWay to go, Jose. Your art is awsome!


~ Jodi Shannon

Very proud of you that you have continued to use beautiful art as paintings, drawings, etc. You have that gift that God has given you. Keep it up!

~ Andreita Arsenault

Jose, Good Luck with your art shows! My family and I are going to stop by, I enjoy your drawings!

Good Luck!

~ Tim Anderson



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